Heros come in many forms. Some are widely recognized for their bravery and others remain mostly anonymous and unrecognized, yet their deeds change lives in countless ways.  Sometimes the hero may have no idea that they are making a difference.

Our SEL teachers are heroes.  It’s a rare gift to find out that you are making a difference in someone’s life, and we’re sure that our teachers are not hearing about it often enough.  We know sometimes it feels like a thankless job, but the fact that you show up day after day and never give up on our kids is making a difference.  You are creating ripples on the pond that have impacts well beyond what you may ever realize.

We know that this has been a tough year for you, and sometimes you feel like giving up.  Please don’t.  Every day you get up and make a difference in the lives of our kids.  Every day, you change lives.  Every day, your example influences another human being and helps shape them into a person who will change the world.  SEL graduates are changing the world–you’ve read their stories here.  You were an important part of that.  You made the difference.  The decision you made to get up and try again another day, helped make that happen. Don’t ever stop.


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