Hey, did you know?

Every day, it seems, the SEL Experience Project finds out something new and amazing about SEL Schools. Yesterday the big news for us is that SEL Schools has the only K-3 STEM program in the area! Yes, that’s right, our students are the only ones locally to have amazing STEM labs and this incredible program. Did you know that? One of the most frustrating things about telling the story of our schools is that there is so much great stuff that a lot of folks just don’t know about. Even those of us who are involved miss things because there is so much happening all the time. We all need an “elevator speech” to help inform friends and family about our schools.  We have a district with so many great things happening all the time. As always, we need your help! Tell us about the programs you love best in SEL Schools, what you think people don’t realize, and your advice for getting the word out.


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