Just Wait Until You Hear What These Brush Kids Did…

Sometimes at the SEL Experience Project, we get a scoop so great that we just can’t wait to share it.  Right now, we’re so full of ARC pride, we just might burst! The Brush Robotics team took the highest possible award at last weekend’s qualifying tournament at Kent State University. After taking the second place alliance at Tri-C in January, the team went on to to earn Captain of the winning alliance at Kent against 24 other teams–the highest award possible!  The Brush team also took the Control Award, which is given for the best use of sensors and robot control algorithms.  They will go on to compete in the state championship in Cincinnati this weekend.  Way to go Brush Robotics Team!!!

If you have a great ARC story to share, please email us at selexperienceproject@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to include some adorable pictures!  We love to share the great news, so keep it coming!Brush Robotics Team


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